5 Reasons your Home Decor does not Look Cohesive

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5 Reasons your Home Decor does not Look Cohesive

Have you ever entered a home or a hotel room and felt something was off but you couldn’t point out exactly what the hell was odd, not immediately or even not at all, and that weird impression sticks with you way after you’ve left the place? That happens because something is indeed wrong with the decoration. You see there are people who don’t give decoration or interior design the importance those fields deserve and when those same people are feeling uneasy inside a hall or inside a room they can’t quite understand the feelings that assaulted their spirits ang get exasperated.

If you don’t want your home to exasperate people, take a look at this list. And if you are a person who’s been angry or uncomfortable in a place all of a sudden the list may help you comprehend that event.

Home Decor

Color Clash:

It may have escaped your notice but not all the colors are friends. While some contrasts certainly look great and have that classic aura around them, like black and white for instance, or green and silver, other contrasts hit the eyes as aggressive combinations, as if the colors displayed there were true rivals battling each other in some sort of metaphysical realm. Red and blue for example don’t sit well with each other, therefore, if you have a couch that has both these colors don’t expect people to just sit on it and have nice conversations with you. The hidden combat of those colors will escalate until it takes a hold of a person’s soul and guide it through the path of destruction. In other words, your visitor will want to beat you to death and just the smallest fraction of his or her personality would prevent that tragedy from happening.

Wood and Metal:

As you’ve probably noticed from the topic above, contrasts have to be used wisely and it’s not wise to have an entire room’s furniture in metal and just a wooden chair. Said chair would stand out in the wrong way and people would feel uneasy inside that room as if someone would be constantly poking them with a toothpick.


Your living room is perfect. It took a long time but everything is the way you wanted it to be except… Great idea, you can put a mannequin there at the corner so it can lifeless stare at people, so that your dog has something to bark to at night, so that your mother in law can die from a heart attack after forgetting the damn thing was standing there, so that your coworkers have enough reasons to think you’re creepy, so that your child can come to you and say the mannequin head moved and smiled.

Classic versus Modern:

Again, contrasts. Do not fill a room with classic style furniture and modern art, or with modern furniture and replicas of Caravaggio. The environment will be a very confusing one, just like you. Avoid such mixtures.

Weak lights:

Also avoid using really weak lights, otherwise whoever visits you will have the impression the family is preparing for some bloody ritual, and you don’t want to give people this impression now do you?

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