5 Ways to spot a country style kitchen

Spotting a country style kitchen would be so easy if you know how to check one.

5 Ways to spot a country style kitchen


Who doesn’t love easy country living and values? In the world of interior design has a country style kitchen is becoming more and more popular. Imagine rustic, distressed wood. Pictures of farm animals glazed on plates and featured on cloth and accessories. Not to mention vintage cutlery and crockery. Whichever way you picture country style when it comes to interior decorating, the feel brings about a warm and fuzzy hominess that no contemporary designed kitchen will ever be able to pull off.

In this post, we take a quick look at different elements featured in country style kitchens, and how you can identify them. Perhaps, if you are more geared towards modernist interior design, we can convince you to convert to the simplistic and welcoming ambiance of country decorating. Let’s get started!

#1 Hardwood Floors and Cabinets

Wooden floors and cabinets screams country all over it.

Nothing says easy farm-style living more than a beautifully crafted hardwood floor and cabinets. The rich brown of natural products such as wood adds a lot of warmth to the country kitchen look. Certain wooden objects will also either be or look as if it was handcrafted, adding to that homey handmade ‘all in a day’s work’ country and farm life feel.

#2 Antique Handles and Knobs

These antique knobs and handles are fun to look at.

Think copper or brass handles, or even porcelain knobs. These are the finer trimmings and trappings that usually round-off the country style look. And what’s great about the country style kitchen or country style decorating, is that everything does not necessarily have to be coordinated. You could have different types and styles of knobs and handles and that would give your kitchen a real country finish.

#3 Rustic Pots

Rustic pots cook delicious home-made meals.

If you see a hardwood floor, with a kitchen island and rustic pots dangling atop – that is a country style kitchen, without a doubt! This specific look mimics farmhouse kitchens from as far back as the 1800s. Kitchens used to have massive fireplaces and the pots and pans dangled from a rope over the furnace.

#4 Vintage Crockery and Cutlery

These vintage sets are so pretty and look expensive!

If you are served with what looks like your grandmother’s cutlery and crockery sets, or if it is displayed as decorative ornaments in the kitchen itself, it probably is a country style kitchen. These include melamine wear from yesteryear and pewter cutlery.

#5 Farm Animal Accessories

These rooster egg stands are so fun to have at your country styled kitchen.

This one might not be featured in all country style kitchens, but it could possibly. Plates and serving dishes boasting glazed images of pigs or cows, a rooster clock, a painting of a cow grazing in a green field all include elements that can be featured in a country style kitchen.

Now that you know a bit more about design elements present in country style kitchens, would you consider revamping your kitchen and turning it into a country style kitchen? Which design element appeals to you most? Which design element puts you off? We’re not big on the farm animal idea ourselves.

Let us know whether you are pro-country kitchen style or anti-country kitchen style and why in the comment section below.

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