8 common decorative elements used in the country design

Country style interior makes a cozy ambience that makes us all want to go home in.

8 common decorative elements used in the country design

Country home reminds us of a huge house set in the middle of green fields. These houses represent peace and coziness. The style is vintage and many modern homes also have a country design. If you are fond of the country design, then here are the design elements you should know about.


Country colors are close to nature.

The color of the walls must be picked up from nature. You can include yellow, green, pink, brown, etc. from the gardens and trees. You can have either vibrant color or mute. You can have three or four colors in your room. So, for example, you can have one color for the walls, another for the furniture and a different one for the floor.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are always present in country kitchen.

You can have white cabinets in the kitchen. You will find many country houses with white countertops. The other accessories in the kitchen can also be white.


Floral design is a common element in country design.

You can include floral designs everywhere. It symbolizes nature. So, you can have this design on your pillows, bedcovers, curtains and other places.


Wooden furniture is a must in country interior design.

Wood is the most prominent material used for furniture. The quality of wood used in country homes is of very high quality. You can use oak or mahogany. The color of the wood can be light or dull. The furniture should have a rustic look. The handles of the drawers and other things will be of brass.


Giant sofas are the soul of any country style living room.

You should have two giant sofas or chairs in your living room or bedroom. These oversized sofas with beautiful floral fabric are a representation of country home. These chairs show love and family bonding.


Soft lace and linen fabrics are common in country home design.

You can use silk and lace for fabrics in curtains, pillow, bed covers, etc. These are very typical of country homes. Embroidery is also a part of the country design.


Rugs are common in country style living roosms.

Rugs are very common in country homes. You should use rugs in the living room or bedroom. You can have colorful rugs matching the decoration of the rest of the room.

Mirrors and photos

A country living room won't be complete without big photo frames and mirrors.

Family photos and mirrors must fill up the walls of the house. You can have them in your bedroom, on the staircase, in the open space after entrance or in the living room.

The rooms of the country houses are big and spacious. They have plenty of light and air. They give you a feeling of coziness and warmth. These design elements are common in country homes. You must include these items in your renovation plan for a country home. Still out of ideas? Also read: 7 key Country Design Characteristics.

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