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Country style can't be pulled off without any wooden element.

Popular types of wood used in country interior design


Whether you want that classic American ranch style look or a typical French country feel, natural elements such as wooden carved cabinets will give your kitchen the country edge it needs. But what type of woods is considered ideal for that reclaimed or country look? You’re definitely going to want to stay away from fake lookalike products if you want to keep your homey, welcoming kitchen look unique and real. You are able to transform just about any space in your home into a country style locale if you use the correct products.

Here, we’ll discuss 5 different types of wood that are typically used in country interior design styles. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn something that you did not already know and that can be of great help on your revamp projects when you decide to countrify your home.

#1 Reclaimed or Distressed Wood

Reclaimed wood are affordable and has the country element.

The use of this type of wood is so versatile, you can do just about anything with it and get that perfect country look. Typically old and used wood such as pallets or old offcuts, you are able to get these at the fraction of the price of other woods. Whether you want to do flooring or make a bed stand, or even a bed, all of these can be done by using reclaimed wood.

#2 Cherry Wood

Cherry wood never fails to look elegant and luxurious.

Black Cherry, Sweet Cherry, you can call it what you want. A tad more expensive than other wood, Cherry is a golden reddish color that instantly warms up any space or room it is featured in. This type of wood is typically used for flooring purposes.

#3 Maple Wood

Maple wood can be used for cabinets and flooring.

Where other types of wood are typically hardwood, maple can be either hard or soft. The end product of any maple piece of furniture or flooring will have a very light, almost white color, perfect for that fresh and natural country style look.

#4 Oak Wood

Oak wood looks great in country style homes.

If you want to go for the French country look, you’d probably stick to French White Oak. If you want to have the all American farmhouse look, you’ll want to go with the American White Oak. French White Oak is best used for flooring and furniture, whereas the harder American White Oak is suitable for joinery, cabinets, flooring, and boats.

#5 Pine Wood

Pine wood is light yet durable material you could use in flooring and furniture.

There are so many different types of pine, that we encourage you to carefully research and inspect your product before selecting it. Pine is overall a softer type of wood, with a very lighter color, and can even appear yellowish.

So there you have it. The world of interior design is much more complicated than what you would think. Not only do you have to take into consideration what the wood would look like, but you also have to keep in mind that whatever purpose you want to use it for, may cause wear and tear if it is too soft.

We hope that you’ve found this mini-guide helpful and that you have a better idea of what type of wood you would like to countrify your home with! Let us know your favorite woods in the comment section below.

Spotting a country style kitchen would be so easy if you know how to check one.

5 Ways to spot a country style kitchen


Who doesn’t love easy country living and values? In the world of interior design has a country style kitchen is becoming more and more popular. Imagine rustic, distressed wood. Pictures of farm animals glazed on plates and featured on cloth and accessories. Not to mention vintage cutlery and crockery. Whichever way you picture country style when it comes to interior decorating, the feel brings about a warm and fuzzy hominess that no contemporary designed kitchen will ever be able to pull off.

In this post, we take a quick look at different elements featured in country style kitchens, and how you can identify them. Perhaps, if you are more geared towards modernist interior design, we can convince you to convert to the simplistic and welcoming ambiance of country decorating. Let’s get started!

#1 Hardwood Floors and Cabinets

Wooden floors and cabinets screams country all over it.

Nothing says easy farm-style living more than a beautifully crafted hardwood floor and cabinets. The rich brown of natural products such as wood adds a lot of warmth to the country kitchen look. Certain wooden objects will also either be or look as if it was handcrafted, adding to that homey handmade ‘all in a day’s work’ country and farm life feel.

#2 Antique Handles and Knobs

These antique knobs and handles are fun to look at.

Think copper or brass handles, or even porcelain knobs. These are the finer trimmings and trappings that usually round-off the country style look. And what’s great about the country style kitchen or country style decorating, is that everything does not necessarily have to be coordinated. You could have different types and styles of knobs and handles and that would give your kitchen a real country finish.

#3 Rustic Pots

Rustic pots cook delicious home-made meals.

If you see a hardwood floor, with a kitchen island and rustic pots dangling atop – that is a country style kitchen, without a doubt! This specific look mimics farmhouse kitchens from as far back as the 1800s. Kitchens used to have massive fireplaces and the pots and pans dangled from a rope over the furnace.

#4 Vintage Crockery and Cutlery

These vintage sets are so pretty and look expensive!

If you are served with what looks like your grandmother’s cutlery and crockery sets, or if it is displayed as decorative ornaments in the kitchen itself, it probably is a country style kitchen. These include melamine wear from yesteryear and pewter cutlery.

#5 Farm Animal Accessories

These rooster egg stands are so fun to have at your country styled kitchen.

This one might not be featured in all country style kitchens, but it could possibly. Plates and serving dishes boasting glazed images of pigs or cows, a rooster clock, a painting of a cow grazing in a green field all include elements that can be featured in a country style kitchen.

Now that you know a bit more about design elements present in country style kitchens, would you consider revamping your kitchen and turning it into a country style kitchen? Which design element appeals to you most? Which design element puts you off? We’re not big on the farm animal idea ourselves.

Let us know whether you are pro-country kitchen style or anti-country kitchen style and why in the comment section below.

There are key elements that makes the difference between country and rustic styling.

Country vs. Rustic Interior Design: What’s the difference?

Country design and rustic designs are often considered to be the same thing. They do have some common elements, but there are some differences in these designs also.


The country homes incorporate natural elements in their design. These give a sense of coziness and warmth. It has a welcoming appearance. The entire home is decorated with natural colors. The country design has a wider option for colors. But rustic style mainly includes muted shades or earth tones.


The furniture in the country house is mostly made of oak. But in rustic furniture, you will notice red-toned woods. So, the colors are more vibrant in case of rustic furniture. In case of kitchen furniture cherry red, yellow, royal blue, etc. are used in case of country design. Rustic designs have earth tones mostly.



Rustic elements include metal and other antique accessories.

This is an example of rustic dining area.


The kitchen design in country houses has a wider range of design elements. You can choose from casual and country cottage style to formal country style. The kitchen design elements in the rustic design are limited. These vary from one region to another. The kitchen furniture in the rustic design has a worn-out appearance. Weathered furniture symbolizes rustic kitchen. The furniture is made of wrought iron, wood or antique metals. The kitchen in rustic design has a wooden ceiling. There are more antique artifacts and tin accessories in rustic design than in country design.


The accessories have a touch of local culture in case of rustic design. For example, you can have a homemade quilt from a small village. But the country design doesn’t include local design.


Country Style are more drawn from nature with subtle elements, making it milder and cozier than the rustic counterpart.

This is an example of a country style dining area.


The rustic décor looks rougher than the country décor. It has more rural style in their décor. The difference between country design and rustic design is very little. Still, you can tell which is a country design and which is a rustic one by looking at the color and furniture of the house. Both stand the test of time.

The designs are vintage and look very appealing. Still, you will see some distinct differences between the two designs. The rustic design incorporates more rural elements; whereas the design spectrum of country homes is very wide. It can also include modern designs. The worn-out appearance of the furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. are the highlights of a rustic design. If you want a typical rural appearance then you should go for the rustic design rather than the country design.

Country style interior makes a cozy ambience that makes us all want to go home in.

8 common decorative elements used in the country design

Country home reminds us of a huge house set in the middle of green fields. These houses represent peace and coziness. The style is vintage and many modern homes also have a country design. If you are fond of the country design, then here are the design elements you should know about.


Country colors are close to nature.

The color of the walls must be picked up from nature. You can include yellow, green, pink, brown, etc. from the gardens and trees. You can have either vibrant color or mute. You can have three or four colors in your room. So, for example, you can have one color for the walls, another for the furniture and a different one for the floor.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are always present in country kitchen.

You can have white cabinets in the kitchen. You will find many country houses with white countertops. The other accessories in the kitchen can also be white.


Floral design is a common element in country design.

You can include floral designs everywhere. It symbolizes nature. So, you can have this design on your pillows, bedcovers, curtains and other places.


Wooden furniture is a must in country interior design.

Wood is the most prominent material used for furniture. The quality of wood used in country homes is of very high quality. You can use oak or mahogany. The color of the wood can be light or dull. The furniture should have a rustic look. The handles of the drawers and other things will be of brass.


Giant sofas are the soul of any country style living room.

You should have two giant sofas or chairs in your living room or bedroom. These oversized sofas with beautiful floral fabric are a representation of country home. These chairs show love and family bonding.


Soft lace and linen fabrics are common in country home design.

You can use silk and lace for fabrics in curtains, pillow, bed covers, etc. These are very typical of country homes. Embroidery is also a part of the country design.


Rugs are common in country style living roosms.

Rugs are very common in country homes. You should use rugs in the living room or bedroom. You can have colorful rugs matching the decoration of the rest of the room.

Mirrors and photos

A country living room won't be complete without big photo frames and mirrors.

Family photos and mirrors must fill up the walls of the house. You can have them in your bedroom, on the staircase, in the open space after entrance or in the living room.

The rooms of the country houses are big and spacious. They have plenty of light and air. They give you a feeling of coziness and warmth. These design elements are common in country homes. You must include these items in your renovation plan for a country home. Still out of ideas? Also read: 7 key Country Design Characteristics.

7 Key Country Design Characteristics

This is an example of a country style living room.

Though there are different modern architectures available, many people still like the country style. Country designs are timeless and your home will look different from the pack with country design ideas. Country design first started in America and then it got popular in other countries. Here are some key country design characteristics that you should know about.

Building material

Warmth is one of the main features of the country design. The building materials that are used will be of natural stone. Wood and stone will give you an antique impression. The entire wall surface will be made of either stone or wood. Country style houses are built very strong, so you might not have to renovate it for a long time.

Color palette

You should use natural colors on the interior walls. You can use amber, light green, brown or beige which reflects the colors of stone and wood. If you want to have a strong country-style impression then it’s better to use brown color in all the rooms. But you can also use yellow and green to complement the brown color. In case of French country design, gray and white color tones are often used. The roof tiles have red color or any natural hue like beige or brown. If there is any door or window detailing then these are done with white stonework. The color of the front door is either black or red most of the time. The exterior is almost never painted in French country design. The interior is painted with soft colors like soft blues or pale yellows.

Decoration pieces

You can decorate your home with antique collections. Things like cow’s head or a saddle horse are good choices. You can go to an antique shop and buy things that you like to decorate your home. In a country style home, there will be flowers everywhere. You can put flowers in a copper pot, glass vases or baskets.

Use rustic décor

You must use furniture and décor that is rustic. Wood paneling should dominate the architecture. The fabric you use for curtains can be of vintage patterns. You can buy wooden furniture and have handmade pottery, woven baskets, etc. to give your house a country feel.

Architectural details

In French country architecture, there are tall windows that are rectangular in shape; tall and sloping roof lines. Stone is the main material used for the exterior. The windows on the bottom and top floors are symmetrical. In American and French country architecture there are over sized fireplaces.

Farm feel

The country style house will have a farm feel. There will be rustic ladders, woven baskets, etc. that will remind you of the farm. You can have ‘rooster themed’ antiques in your home. For libraries or closets, you can consider using barn doors on the sliders to give you a farm feel.

Warm feel

There will be cozy pillows and family heirlooms in your bedroom. You can have rugs of colors red, blue or white to complement the brown color of the wood floors. Your bedroom will have a large four-poster bed. The natural hues of the house will make you feel warm.

The country design differs from one country to another. For example, American country design mostly includes natural hues. But French country design can include bold colors as well. The English country homes must have shelves for keeping books. But the bookshelves are not mandatory elements in case of French country house or American country house. Building a country house can be very expensive. The wood, copper, metal and other structural materials are very costly. Most country houses have wood detailing. If you have a low budget, you can replace wood with bamboo or similar textured material. You can also use other materials along with stone to save money. The antiques and rustic materials are also rare, so you will have a tough time sourcing them.

Some people now combine the country style with the modern design. But country style is classic and most people prefer it to be unaltered. If you want your house to have a unique design than those houses in your neighborhood, then you can choose a country design. But you should remember that you’ll have to set the budget high for constructing such house. Not everyone is expert in constructing a country style home. You should hire a construction firm that has many years of experience building country design homes.