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Country style can't be pulled off without any wooden element.

Popular types of wood used in country interior design


Whether you want that classic American ranch style look or a typical French country feel, natural elements such as wooden carved cabinets will give your kitchen the country edge it needs. But what type of woods is considered ideal for that reclaimed or country look? You’re definitely going to want to stay away from fake lookalike products if you want to keep your homey, welcoming kitchen look unique and real. You are able to transform just about any space in your home into a country style locale if you use the correct products.

Here, we’ll discuss 5 different types of wood that are typically used in country interior design styles. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn something that you did not already know and that can be of great help on your revamp projects when you decide to countrify your home.

#1 Reclaimed or Distressed Wood

Reclaimed wood are affordable and has the country element.

The use of this type of wood is so versatile, you can do just about anything with it and get that perfect country look. Typically old and used wood such as pallets or old offcuts, you are able to get these at the fraction of the price of other woods. Whether you want to do flooring or make a bed stand, or even a bed, all of these can be done by using reclaimed wood.

#2 Cherry Wood

Cherry wood never fails to look elegant and luxurious.

Black Cherry, Sweet Cherry, you can call it what you want. A tad more expensive than other wood, Cherry is a golden reddish color that instantly warms up any space or room it is featured in. This type of wood is typically used for flooring purposes.

#3 Maple Wood

Maple wood can be used for cabinets and flooring.

Where other types of wood are typically hardwood, maple can be either hard or soft. The end product of any maple piece of furniture or flooring will have a very light, almost white color, perfect for that fresh and natural country style look.

#4 Oak Wood

Oak wood looks great in country style homes.

If you want to go for the French country look, you’d probably stick to French White Oak. If you want to have the all American farmhouse look, you’ll want to go with the American White Oak. French White Oak is best used for flooring and furniture, whereas the harder American White Oak is suitable for joinery, cabinets, flooring, and boats.

#5 Pine Wood

Pine wood is light yet durable material you could use in flooring and furniture.

There are so many different types of pine, that we encourage you to carefully research and inspect your product before selecting it. Pine is overall a softer type of wood, with a very lighter color, and can even appear yellowish.

So there you have it. The world of interior design is much more complicated than what you would think. Not only do you have to take into consideration what the wood would look like, but you also have to keep in mind that whatever purpose you want to use it for, may cause wear and tear if it is too soft.

We hope that you’ve found this mini-guide helpful and that you have a better idea of what type of wood you would like to countrify your home with! Let us know your favorite woods in the comment section below.

Spotting a country style kitchen would be so easy if you know how to check one.

5 Ways to spot a country style kitchen


Who doesn’t love easy country living and values? In the world of interior design has a country style kitchen is becoming more and more popular. Imagine rustic, distressed wood. Pictures of farm animals glazed on plates and featured on cloth and accessories. Not to mention vintage cutlery and crockery. Whichever way you picture country style when it comes to interior decorating, the feel brings about a warm and fuzzy hominess that no contemporary designed kitchen will ever be able to pull off.

In this post, we take a quick look at different elements featured in country style kitchens, and how you can identify them. Perhaps, if you are more geared towards modernist interior design, we can convince you to convert to the simplistic and welcoming ambiance of country decorating. Let’s get started!

#1 Hardwood Floors and Cabinets

Wooden floors and cabinets screams country all over it.

Nothing says easy farm-style living more than a beautifully crafted hardwood floor and cabinets. The rich brown of natural products such as wood adds a lot of warmth to the country kitchen look. Certain wooden objects will also either be or look as if it was handcrafted, adding to that homey handmade ‘all in a day’s work’ country and farm life feel.

#2 Antique Handles and Knobs

These antique knobs and handles are fun to look at.

Think copper or brass handles, or even porcelain knobs. These are the finer trimmings and trappings that usually round-off the country style look. And what’s great about the country style kitchen or country style decorating, is that everything does not necessarily have to be coordinated. You could have different types and styles of knobs and handles and that would give your kitchen a real country finish.

#3 Rustic Pots

Rustic pots cook delicious home-made meals.

If you see a hardwood floor, with a kitchen island and rustic pots dangling atop – that is a country style kitchen, without a doubt! This specific look mimics farmhouse kitchens from as far back as the 1800s. Kitchens used to have massive fireplaces and the pots and pans dangled from a rope over the furnace.

#4 Vintage Crockery and Cutlery

These vintage sets are so pretty and look expensive!

If you are served with what looks like your grandmother’s cutlery and crockery sets, or if it is displayed as decorative ornaments in the kitchen itself, it probably is a country style kitchen. These include melamine wear from yesteryear and pewter cutlery.

#5 Farm Animal Accessories

These rooster egg stands are so fun to have at your country styled kitchen.

This one might not be featured in all country style kitchens, but it could possibly. Plates and serving dishes boasting glazed images of pigs or cows, a rooster clock, a painting of a cow grazing in a green field all include elements that can be featured in a country style kitchen.

Now that you know a bit more about design elements present in country style kitchens, would you consider revamping your kitchen and turning it into a country style kitchen? Which design element appeals to you most? Which design element puts you off? We’re not big on the farm animal idea ourselves.

Let us know whether you are pro-country kitchen style or anti-country kitchen style and why in the comment section below.

There are key elements that makes the difference between country and rustic styling.

Country vs. Rustic Interior Design: What’s the difference?

Country design and rustic designs are often considered to be the same thing. They do have some common elements, but there are some differences in these designs also.


The country homes incorporate natural elements in their design. These give a sense of coziness and warmth. It has a welcoming appearance. The entire home is decorated with natural colors. The country design has a wider option for colors. But rustic style mainly includes muted shades or earth tones.


The furniture in the country house is mostly made of oak. But in rustic furniture, you will notice red-toned woods. So, the colors are more vibrant in case of rustic furniture. In case of kitchen furniture cherry red, yellow, royal blue, etc. are used in case of country design. Rustic designs have earth tones mostly.



Rustic elements include metal and other antique accessories.

This is an example of rustic dining area.


The kitchen design in country houses has a wider range of design elements. You can choose from casual and country cottage style to formal country style. The kitchen design elements in the rustic design are limited. These vary from one region to another. The kitchen furniture in the rustic design has a worn-out appearance. Weathered furniture symbolizes rustic kitchen. The furniture is made of wrought iron, wood or antique metals. The kitchen in rustic design has a wooden ceiling. There are more antique artifacts and tin accessories in rustic design than in country design.


The accessories have a touch of local culture in case of rustic design. For example, you can have a homemade quilt from a small village. But the country design doesn’t include local design.


Country Style are more drawn from nature with subtle elements, making it milder and cozier than the rustic counterpart.

This is an example of a country style dining area.


The rustic décor looks rougher than the country décor. It has more rural style in their décor. The difference between country design and rustic design is very little. Still, you can tell which is a country design and which is a rustic one by looking at the color and furniture of the house. Both stand the test of time.

The designs are vintage and look very appealing. Still, you will see some distinct differences between the two designs. The rustic design incorporates more rural elements; whereas the design spectrum of country homes is very wide. It can also include modern designs. The worn-out appearance of the furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. are the highlights of a rustic design. If you want a typical rural appearance then you should go for the rustic design rather than the country design.

Home Decor

5 Reasons your Home Decor does not Look Cohesive

Have you ever entered a home or a hotel room and felt something was off but you couldn’t point out exactly what the hell was odd, not immediately or even not at all, and that weird impression sticks with you way after you’ve left the place? That happens because something is indeed wrong with the decoration. You see there are people who don’t give decoration or interior design the importance those fields deserve and when those same people are feeling uneasy inside a hall or inside a room they can’t quite understand the feelings that assaulted their spirits ang get exasperated.

If you don’t want your home to exasperate people, take a look at this list. And if you are a person who’s been angry or uncomfortable in a place all of a sudden the list may help you comprehend that event.

Home Decor

Color Clash:

It may have escaped your notice but not all the colors are friends. While some contrasts certainly look great and have that classic aura around them, like black and white for instance, or green and silver, other contrasts hit the eyes as aggressive combinations, as if the colors displayed there were true rivals battling each other in some sort of metaphysical realm. Red and blue for example don’t sit well with each other, therefore, if you have a couch that has both these colors don’t expect people to just sit on it and have nice conversations with you. The hidden combat of those colors will escalate until it takes a hold of a person’s soul and guide it through the path of destruction. In other words, your visitor will want to beat you to death and just the smallest fraction of his or her personality would prevent that tragedy from happening.

Wood and Metal:

As you’ve probably noticed from the topic above, contrasts have to be used wisely and it’s not wise to have an entire room’s furniture in metal and just a wooden chair. Said chair would stand out in the wrong way and people would feel uneasy inside that room as if someone would be constantly poking them with a toothpick.


Your living room is perfect. It took a long time but everything is the way you wanted it to be except… Great idea, you can put a mannequin there at the corner so it can lifeless stare at people, so that your dog has something to bark to at night, so that your mother in law can die from a heart attack after forgetting the damn thing was standing there, so that your coworkers have enough reasons to think you’re creepy, so that your child can come to you and say the mannequin head moved and smiled.

Classic versus Modern:

Again, contrasts. Do not fill a room with classic style furniture and modern art, or with modern furniture and replicas of Caravaggio. The environment will be a very confusing one, just like you. Avoid such mixtures.

Weak lights:

Also avoid using really weak lights, otherwise whoever visits you will have the impression the family is preparing for some bloody ritual, and you don’t want to give people this impression now do you?

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5 YouTube Channels Every Aspiring Home Decorator should Subscribe to

Home decorator is a job that frequently does not have the recognition it deserves to have. It’s not that hard to imagine the following dialogue: “What do you do?”, “I decorate homes”, “Yeah, I can do that too, I meant what do you do, you know, for a living?”, “I decorate homes.” “You do…. That’s’ your job?”, “Yeah.”. “But anyone can do that, I thought you went to college or something…”, “I did go to college…”, “Fred I’m so sorry! What can I do to help you? You deserve better, you are smart!”, “No, no, I’m OK, I love my job and I’m doing just fine thank you very much.” “But you are decorating homes, this is like cleaning the streets!”

For those of you who know it’s nothing like cleaning the streets (for the record to clean the streets is a really helpful and important job) and who know you’ve got to be smart to do it well and are interested on the field, I’d like to present 5 YouTube channels that you, aspiring home decorator, should subscribe to.

Home Decorator


I shall begin this list with a channel that has the number one in its name. Sparklyblonde1 channel is a channel that will strongly help you improve your methods of organizing little things and stationary shop material. Of course the viewer will find lots of other useful tips in there but think of a micro organization, so to speak, as the main focus of the channel. You won’t regret subscribing and you’ll have a valuable number of insights regarding daily organization, and organization is crucial for a home decorator; a home decorator is, before everything else, a professional organizer. See, that was a good start.

The Classy it Girl:

Learning things through Youtube can be a real pain, I’m pretty aware of that, and you can find piles of statements all across the internet of people saying the same thing after reaching an extraordinary similar conclusion. It is no different with home decoration. Sometimes you may find yourself struggling with a specific point and have no one whom to turn for help. That’s why The Classy it Girl is on this list. She is an angel and use to answer those who seek her help. Don’t be shy, if you have a question you can just go and ask. There’s a great chance she will reply to you.


See what we’re doing here? First you’ve got your future profession treated as a real and important job. Then you’ve been introduced to a vlogger who can teach you whole lessons about organization of little things and that can offer helpful tips about organization in general. Then you’ve been introduced to a girl that can eliminate some of your doubts. Do you want to know what Silababe09 is good for? For you to start developing more accurately a sense of style. You don’t need to like her style, but you can appreciate the fact that she does have a personal style that doesn’t seem fake and that she knows how to convey this style in terms of home decoration.

Aspyn Ovard:

Now, a good home decorator – a good professional – has to trust in his or her job. Aspyn can teach you, through her behavior, how to attain such confidence in yourself. Her eyes are steady, her voice is feminine yet firm, her choices are assertive. Learn something from her.

Miss Remi Ashton:

A good professional must also know how to be relaxed when going about his or her business. There are few teachers as good as Ashton regarding this point.


Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Everyone deserves a beautiful home. Small decor changes can create a big impact on the looks of your home. You can give your home an improved appearance without having to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, the simple things you do make the most significant change. So try out the following home decor ideas to turn your home into a beautiful place.


Have proper lighting:

When you have the right lights in your room, it can transform the setting of the house at a very low price. You can try out a fresh shade for your lamp and even replace the mismatched table lamps, with the ones that match your furniture. You can place lamps on either side of your bed or sofa and see the change it brings.  A stylish lighting will always make your place look beautiful.

Change your cushion/ pillow covers:

If you feel that you cannot afford to change your furniture, then change your cushion covers. Try to match the cushions with the colour of your paint. There are various fabulous cushions on the market, and they instantaneously increase the looks of your home.

Give your walls some new paint:

Painting your walls is one of the cheapest and best ways to improve your home decor. Choose a mild colour to paint your walls. You can also match it with the furniture in your house or even try to mix and match.

Wall hangings:

Try to add paintings or pictures on your wall. Sometimes a bare wall can make your home look dull and unattractive. Adding wall hangings are like adding some colour to a black and white picture. You can also hang your photo albums in a beautiful frame. If you have kids at home and they happen to draw something, you can frame it and hang it on your wall.

Rearrange your setting:

Try to move few pieces around and get rid of the things you feel is destroying the looks of the house. Change the position of your furniture, and you will feel a lot better about your home.

Give your bedroom an update:

Find an inspiration to match your bed sheets with the screens on the window. You can think of a concept and design your rooms based on the concept. Choose a colour which will catch your eye and at the same time make you feel relaxed.

Replace your rugs:

If you feel that your carpets have become old and need to be replaced then try to get new rugs that match the colour of your walls.

Accessorise with books:

If you happen to be a vivid reader and have a lot of books lying around, try to stack them up on a table or a small desk. These reflect your interests and personality.